[SECC] GQP supported by NA and TR

Mike Condon mcondon@attglobal.net
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 08:18:28 -0500

I checked the web site and the downloads are not there.
The support pages were in the web materials I received when I started to
update the web, just not linked in.
I have put the links to the GQP support files back in the web structure, and
will restore those accesses as soon as contesting.com fixes the update
function which has been off line since Feb 20.

I will make another inquiry as to when a fix of the update will happen and
post the answer.

The support files are the Counties list, Summary Sheet form, NA files for
GQP, and TR files for GQP.

So there are 2 loggers that do support GQP, and with a bit of luck, we can
get WriteLog also.

Thanks for the note, it got me checking the web stuff.

Mike, NE4S

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Hello all:  I used NA...a late version with the addition of the special
GQP files provided by N4BP and available for downloading on our
webpage.  It worked very well with all those different files for each
rover county in 1999 and for the home station effort in 2000.  The
Cabrillo file feature was only available beginning late in 1999, so the
NA version would have to be a .EXE file updated from late 1999 or
later.  73, John.

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