[SECC] SS CW 2001

Bill Coleman aa4lr@arrl.net
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 16:53:00 -0500

On 11/6/01 2:57 PM, Joe L Blackwell at aa4nn@juno.com wrote:

>Just a thought.  I called K9RV innocently three times to hear QSO B4.
>Not in my log.  I did log K9RS... perhaps I miscopied a call, but how in
>the world do you miscopy a call in SS what with the exchange and all?

Perhaps he mis-copied your call.

It is very, very easy to mis-copy a call. A couple of years ago, I got 
dinged about 10% in the SS Phone for a handful of calls I mis-copied the 
prefix on. You can bet the next year I was paying more attention....

>Beats me.

SS is the ONE contest where it might be expedient to send QSO B4 instead 
of just workin' 'em. The exchange is long and hard enough that a 
duplicate contact is expensive. 

Frankly, though, it's better to just work everything and let the contest 
judges sort out what counts and what doesn't....

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