[SECC] SS results

Courtney Judd - K4WI k4jyo@frontiernet.net
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:05:56 -0600

Turned out to be quite a weekend with the meteor showers, company, and
learning curve on the 920. One should learn how to adjust the vox before the
contest!. I am used to knobs not menu's for this.. But all in all it turned
out fairly well. I decided to try Unlimited class this time and was really
pleased with Writelog and telenet connection for cluster. Couldn't help but
noticing everytime somebody spotted me, I would get a mini pileup of
stations the majority of which were either A or B entries. Nuff said! My
last section was EPA, 2nd was WV and 3rd SC. I worked the first 79 in the
first 5 hours but EPA didn't come for 3 hours later. by the end I had worked
at least 3 in each section. results below:
80   10q..1sec
40  197q..7sec
20  147q..0sec
15  240q..10sec
10  515q..62sec
1109q...80sec=  177,440 in 19 hours

Worked a lot secc'ers Thanks everyone 73's Cort
Courtney Judd K4WI
check out www.k4wi.net

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