[SECC] SS Phone Thoughts

John Vickers wa4tt@nlamerica.com
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 16:05:12 -0500

AA4LR Wrote:
>* 80m dipole at 35' feet is too low. No one could hear me well. Never did
>get responses to CQs on this band.

Bill -- I heard you on 80m S&Ping and Your sig was a LOT weaker than other
Ga. stations on the band (at the same time). Not just contest stns but some
of the rag chewers that I know  are running low dipoles.

Before you take it down and start over--- check out your ant, feedline, es
connectors. I thought you were running QRP.  Also I think you said it was
105 ft long---- thats a tad short and may also be adding to the problem.

I've always been cursed with low ants but have found that by using a full
1/2 wl of wire and keeping the ends spread as far as possible (when using a
single support) I tend to get a little better results. Especially when
targeting the areas needed for Qs in SS from Ga.

35ft isn't going to compete with 150, but you should have been a lot louder
than when I heard you.
Gud Luck es 73,   John WA4TT

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