[SECC] 6 Meters on my 40 meter beam.

Dan/W4NTI w4nti at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 15 12:32:19 EDT 2003

I made about 70 qso/s on six so far.  Believe it or not most of that was on

Clocked down my computer and it helped a lot by cleaning up the crap on six

Best DX was Cuba.

Just think Cort...if you had a real six meter antenna you could be
competitive...hi hi.


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> Dave and all, got on last evening on six and played with various antennas:
> 160 loop, 15 mtr yagi, 10 mtr stack and KT34. All worked ok but the KT34
> seemed to work the best with the ten mtr stack 2nd. Got really excited
> WH6ANH called me but turned out to be in DM79!!!! Only 4's worked where
> Florida. Only DX worked was VP5KE. VP9/N0JK was loud but only working
> 6/7's.. bummer! I really like the 920.. it's a very good rig on HF and 6!
> I'll be on again today .. 73's Cort
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