[SECC] LAST MINUTE Field Day openings

Gary McConville wb4sq at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 26 19:31:31 EDT 2003

Our group had two last minute cancellations for Field
Day so we're looking for a couple of preferrably but
not necessary cw operators.  We rent a cabin in Blue
Ridge, GA (elevation ~ 2,000ft) and have great views,
cookouts, air-conditioning...  Split 8-ways, your
share comes in around $80 for 2 days with plenty of
food.  We'll email directions to the cabin.

GA_REAT (Georgia Radio Engineers and Technicians)
Contact David Still (WB4RRD) @ 770-973-2566 before 1PM
Gary McConville (WB4SQ) @ 770-992-0768 (Friday only
before 11AM)

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