[SECC] Electronic log for GQP

Larry Shuman lshuman at griffin.uga.edu
Mon Jun 30 12:07:36 EDT 2003

SECC leadership,
  Although I am not a SECC member, I would like to voice my opinion.  I 
agree with John.  I am one who would be affected by the electronic 
submission rule.  I am a newcomer to contesting and  usually do not 
generate 100 QSO's.  However, this year I did get over 100 contacts in the 
GQP.  I operate CW QRP and do not have a computer at home.  Even if I 
did, I would not be able to interface it with my QRP rig.  
  I urge you to continue to accept paper logs for all submissions.
     Thanks for listening. 73
Larry, K4IR

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