[SECC] Sweepstakes.. SSB

Macie, Gordon GMacie at innotrac.com
Thu Nov 13 15:59:07 EST 2003

Sure is quiet for only 2 days until sweepstakes ssb. Anyone planning to play

I plan to be on close to full time.. Need to work on antenna's Saturday
morning.. I only have dipoles for 15,40,80 right now.. Hope to put up a 20
dipole at about 40 ft. May also put one up for 10 but thats not hightest

My band breakdown last year.
80	40	20	15	10
49	164	335	85	68    701 qso's total         

I obviously need a 20 antenna. I used a all band vertical last year. It is

Single Op Low Power... haven't decided on "A" or "U" .... I was "A" last
years. I was "U" for cw this year

Gordon N4LR

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