[SECC] Sweepstakes.. SSB

Macie, Gordon GMacie at innotrac.com
Thu Nov 13 16:10:37 EST 2003

I had trouble getting GA last year in SSB. I hope to spend more time on 40
this year and that shouldn't be a problem.

What Force 12 antenna ??

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I'll be going to hear the Atlanta Symphony Sunday afternoon so I'll be part 
time low power.  I really don't know how much I'll operate, but it will 
probably be around 10-12 hours.

I received replacement elements from Force 12 yesterday for my 10M antenna 
that broke in the early spring.  I may try to fix it before the contest.


- Jay

At 03:59 PM 11/13/2003, Macie, Gordon wrote:
>Sure is quiet for only 2 days until sweepstakes ssb. Anyone planning to
>I plan to be on close to full time.. Need to work on antenna's Saturday
>morning.. I only have dipoles for 15,40,80 right now.. Hope to put up a 20
>dipole at about 40 ft. May also put one up for 10 but thats not hightest
>My band breakdown last year.
>80      40      20      15      10
>49      164     335     85      68    701 qso's total
>I obviously need a 20 antenna. I used a all band vertical last year. It is
>Single Op Low Power... haven't decided on "A" or "U" .... I was "A" last
>years. I was "U" for cw this year
>Gordon N4LR
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