[SECC] K4BAI Curacao trip - Nov 25 - Dec 2, 2003

Jay Pryor jpryor at uga.edu
Mon Nov 24 16:30:41 EST 2003

Good Luck John!

I'd be glad to give you WriteLog tips but although I own it, I've never 
used it in a contest.  TRLog is my logging program of choice.  Gary, K9AY 
is the most knowledgeable person I know who uses WriteLog consistently but 
there may be others.  I know your time is running out, but you might take a 
look here for a good overview of operating the 
program:  http://www.k9jy.com/  Especially look at "Operating a Contest" - 
"Contest tools."

I worked PJ2/K8MFO last week.  He had a terrific signal up here as you 
might expect.

Have fun and be safe.



At 04:07 PM 11/24/2003, John Laney wrote:
>Hello all:
>I will be leaving home about 3 AM tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25, 2003 and 
>taking a Groome Bus to the Atlanta airport where I have an 8:05 American 
>flight to Miami and a change there to an American flight to Curacao.  I 
>should arrive 2:43 PM local time.  I think that is 3:43 PM EDT.  It will 
>take some time to get luggage, etc. and the airport is about an hour's 
>drive from the PJ2T station.  I may be QRV by late afternoon Tuesday and 
>certainly will be QRV whenever possible before and after CQ WW CW as 
>PJ2/K4BAI.  Hope to work many of you.  As usual, I will be mostly CW, but 
>if you need a band or mode, please let me know and I'll see if I can QSY 
>to it.  We have a new 100 watt six meter rig there also and I understand 
>it has been QRV with some of the other guys using it.  I will not be 
>staying at the station (but about .4 mile away in a hotel), so I will not 
>be QRV as much as I have been when by myself in Barbados.  I will be 
>trying to learn Writelog.  (Any suggestions, K4OGG, or others using 
>Writelog?  I have used CT and NA extensively for 15 years or more, but 
>have never seen Writelog.  I will not be receiving e-mails down there this 
>Whenever possible, I will check in to the Ga Section Net (GSN) on 3593 khz 
>at 7 and 10 PM EDT.  If you hear me there, just check in (QNI) and ask for 
>a QSO with me and the NCS will move us off frequency.  Of course, Friday 
>and Saturday nights, we will be in the contest and not on the nets.
>We are hoping for a chance at an all time record in the multi-two 
>category.  We should have two stations QRV on two open bands all the time 
>and will be listening on the other bands for mults.  We can QSY ten times 
>in an hour with each station, so we may be going QRT suddenly to change to 
>another band for multipliers.  Propagation predictions seem to favor 
>stations near the Equator this time, but that doesn't mean that it will be 
>easy for us to beat the record set by A61AJ last year.
>Other ops are Steve, N8BJQ, Jeff, K8ND, Don, K8MFO, Leo, S50R, Geoff, 
>W0CG/PJ2DX, and W8WTS.  Don, Jeff, and Geoff have been down there working 
>hard on getting everything ready and Jeff and Don have also been making 
>QSOs.  Don also is having to learn Writelog.  Leo was one of the ops at 
>A61AJ last year, so he is trying to beat his own record.
>Tom, W2SC, will be QRV from the QTH that I have rented in Barbados.  I 
>assume he will sign 8P5A, but he also occasionally uses 8P1A and his 
>non-contest call is 8P9JG.   N5TJ, Jeff, will be QRV from KP3Z.  I think 
>both of these will be SO2R, so they will have a good chance to beat my NA 
>continental record.  I have never had SO2R from anywhere except W4AN.
>Hope everyone will get on the air this weekend, make as many QSOs as 
>possible, and submit the scores for SECC.
>Please call if you hear me.
>John, K4BAI.
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