[SECC] SO2R switch boxes

Lee Hiers aa4ga at contesting.com
Thu Dec 9 21:45:46 EST 2004

On 9 Dec 2004 at 20:52, Sherman Banks wrote:

> > Who is using a SO2R switch box in the club? What type are you using and
> > how do you like it?
> I use the DX Doubler box.  It works well.  Simple interface to Writelog.
> You will need an external keyer so the same paddles will work on each rig.
> Writelog changes from right to left channels when you change the radio
> focus.  You wil need to hook the audio output directly and not use the
> DXDoubler. 

I'm using the DXD and have none of those problems.  I'm using TR log, 
the TR computer keyer, one set of paddles.  I can switch radios from 
the keyboard.  The DXD will let me listen to either radio (the one 
selected by the log), or both radios (one per ear), or listen to the 
2nd radio while the first is transmitting...switching back to the 
first when it is through transmitting ("PTT" mode).

For the record, I used to use a switch for the headphones that let me 
listen to either radio or both.  TR has always been able to handle 
moving the paddle between rigs, and has a good automatic two radio 
mode built in.  The main things the DXD gives me over that is having 
the headphones automatically follow the log, PTT mode, and the 
ability to switch SSB.  Oh, the DXD also moves the footswitch with 
the log.

I don't have any need to use two paddles or two mics.  The interface 
(switch layout) could probably be better, but it's not really bad 
after you get used to it.

It works fine, and pre-made cables are available for plug-n-play....I 
got mine cheap here off the SECC reflector, including the proper pre-
made Yaesu cables.  :-)


Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, Georgia

"Have Dobro Will Travel"

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