[SECC] NAQP Tips from W4AN

Jay Pryor jpryor at uga.edu
Wed Jan 18 12:48:27 EST 2006

I mentioned a few days ago that I had saved an email that Bill sent to the 
SECC regarding NAQP Tips.  This was sent in July, 1997 by Bill and may be 


Offtimes:  Four 1/2 hour breaks spread out to where you think you are 
getting the most exposure to the most people when you are operating.  NEVER 
take an off time from 4 p.m. EST to 11 p.m. EST.  This is when the rate 
occurs.  So, this leaves you with either the first 2 hours or the last 3 
hours for off times.  Still, I take them in 1/2 hour chunks.  This should 
also be the key to doing well in the SS.  Offtime in the SS should be the 
shortest duration possible.

Ontimes:  Two radios make a bigger difference in this contest than in any 
other I can name.  If you can use two radios effectively it is worth 200 
QSO's.  Well, it is to me anyway.  OK, you have two radios . . . Move 
everyone you can if the rate justifys it.  I will simply send a frequency 
to someone, move the other radio to that frequency and wait for them to 
call me.  I do this for the Q's and the mults.  Depending on the 
rate.  Also, depending on the mult I will leave a pretty good run if it's 
worth moving a guy through five bands that I would otherwise miss.

So you don't have two radios?  CQ as much as possible with occasional 
complete S&P runs up the entire band.  Don't be afraid to lose a 
frequency.  This isn't CQWW.  Frequencies are easy to come by in this 
one.  If you need to move to work a mult . . . then move.

CQ:  This is where two radios buys you 200 QSOs.  I never stop CQing for 
the entire contest.

20M:  	Bread
40M:	Butter

High bands:  I move guys to 10 and 15 meters up to the end of the 
contest.  I worked K5ZD last August on 10 and 15 meters with 1/2 hour to go 
in the contest.  Never assume the band is closed.

Band selection:  Biggest mistake made in the NAQP and the Sprint is going 
to the next band too early.  You need to milk the highest band open for all 
it's worth as long as you can.  Nothing like getting to 80M at 8:00 p.m. 
and then not having anyone to work for the last 3 hours of the contest.



Jay, K4OGG

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