Ed k4sb at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 18 12:03:55 EST 2006

Fellows, I am extremely pleased to report to all of you that the call
of Archie Mckay, K4GA is now a Club call for both out Clubs.

For at least the time being, I will remain as the Trustee of the call,
but speaking generally, it will be made available to any member of
either Club upon request to me. All members of both Clubs have been
unanimously elected to membership. There are no dues.  

The name of the Club is the "Georgia QSO Party" ( lack of imagination
on my part ) and it will be used primarily during the period of the
GQP, which both Clubs participate in.

John, K4BAI, has generously offered to act as the QSL manager for this
call. I intend submitting an order for cards, which I will pay for, to
W4MPY as soon as I get a consensus on what info should be on the card.

I would really like to place the SEDXC and SECC logos on the top
opposite corners of the card. I think W4MPY has the SECC logo, but
unfortunately, I am not talented enough to extract the SEDXC logo from
the web site.

So, if anyone in the SEDXC has a QSL card with the logo on it, I would
sure appreciate your sending me a copy at my CBA.

Bob, K4CY, my down the street neighbor, sent me an interesting web
site this morning.


When you enter the site, you can put your zip code in the box and it
will display all hams in your zip code. Frankly, I was astonished to
see the number of hams in Acworth, 30101.


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