[SECC] Shack W98 PC has problems

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Thu May 11 18:02:04 EDT 2006

My W98V 2 shack PC has a problem.  Its a P3 500Mhz with 2 hard disks of 8GB
and 20GB.  I have all the CQ 160 files on it.  I can recover but maybe you
PC techies can help me.

It was running all right last night and this morning it started with no
enough memory to run Norton.  I looked at the directories and shut down a
couple of routines I did not recognize. I did a control alt delete
and scandisk started.  About 80% thru it told me I needed to run windowns
scandisk.  Apparently the guy who set it up put dos scandisk in the
directory.  The reason it asked for windows is that it encountered
long file names.  It finally said it was crosslisting these long file names
but could not repair them (I hope not HI).  It finished and now the PC does
not run.

It brings up the W 98 page and when you try to get the screen to pause
nothing happens.  I have a W 98 boot diskette but apparently the floppy disk
drive is not reading.  It just goes to the W 98 page and sits there.

Before I start trying to rebuild the CQ 160 files on my newer W XP 3 ghz PC
with one 160GB hard drive (it will take a week or more) does anyone have any
I can probably read everything that I need but W 98 off the C drive if its
OK.  Scandisk runs on it OK so I assume my problem is getting the PC

Thanks and 73
Dave K4JRB

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