[SECC] Announcement: FOC Bill Windle Open QSO Party in June

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 25 13:21:01 EDT 2006

Relayed from Art, KZ5D:

FOC Open Invitation to all CW Operators

Join us for 24 hours of CW fun, making QSOs with FOC members on all 6 HF
bands (WARC excluded) and VHF. This is an operating event (not a contest)
called The Bill Windle QSO Party. The primary purpose is to encourage more
CW activity. Stations call CQ BW (for Bill Windle) in any portion of the
band from 015 to 040. Non-members contact FOC members. Contact each station
once per band. Exchange RST and name (FOC members will also send their
membership number). Stations are encouraged to also engage in mini-chats if
they so desire; there is no need to limit yourself to only 5NNs.  The
activity event will run from 0000Z to 2359Z on June 10, 2006. No awards and
no reporting are required, but if you are so inclined, send in your QSO
total to be listed. Non-members send total number of QSOs with FOC members
(counted once per band). Members will report the number of total QSOs/and
total FOC QSOs (counted once per band). No logs required, we use the "honor
system." Email totals only to <mailto:KZ5D at aol.com>KZ5D at aol.com by June 17,
2006. All non-member stations reporting will receive a copy of the results
via email. List will be posted on the FOC website
http://www.firstclasscw.org.uk/  and on contesting.com.

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