[SECC] Claimed Scores Last Weekend's Contests

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 25 14:08:01 EDT 2006

Hello all:

This report is a day late this week due to a circuit trip to Thomasville 
Tuesday and Wednesday.

This past weekend must take the cake for the lowest contest activity for 
the year on weekends not splitting months and not being a fifth weekend 
in the month.

1.  NAQCC May Sprint.
K4BAI    33    x    19     forgot the score    1:57 hrs.  SO2R 5W Hand Key

2.  May Flying Pigs QRP Club Run for the Bacon
K4BAI    47    x    37      4,403              2:00       SO2R 5W

This coming weekend will be the CQ WPX CW Contest 24 hours of Sat and 
Sun.  Send RST + serial no.

Also, there are two QRP contests on CW.  The Michigan QRP Club has its 
Memorial Day CW Sprint 23Z Sun to 03Z Mon.  It overlaps one hour with CQ 
WPX and there has been very little participation in Mi QRP contests 
lately.  I talked to them at their booth in Dayton last weekend and it 
appears that one reason is that the results haven't been published 
lately.  Exchange is RST, SPC, and MiQRP # or power out.  The other one 
is QRP ARCI Hoot Owl.  It runs Sunday night local 2000 to 2400.  That 
means 00 to 04Z for those of us on Eastern time.  I talked to VA3JFF 
about this last year and he seemed to agree with me that the time needed 
to be standardized in universal time, but he didn't change the rule for 
this year.  Seems to me that you can't work much DX in this contest. 
Outside this hemisphere, the time they could work the contest would be 
so different from when we could work the contest that we couldnt' work 
each other in the contest.  Anyway, the exchange is RST + SPC + QRPARCI 
member # or power out.  So, for three of the four hours, QSOs would 
count for either or both of the QRP contests.  The exchanges would be 
almost the same.

Hope everyone has a nice week and a lot of QSOs this weekend.  I will be 
part-time in CQ WPX CW with my own call and probably will work some, if 
not all, of the QRPARCI contest.


John, K4BAI.

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