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Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 07:56:22 EST 2007


A bunch of notes were received and they were unanamously (and strongly) against the "by Band" changes.
The input was from most of our involved participants.
So those two will go off the table.
(I knew there was a consensus... I just had it backwards.)

A couple said just leave it all alone.
Most supported the remainder of the changes, in some way, if were not going to cause software rewrites.
Adding DC and changing the VE list are minor changes to external tables for the loggers.
Adding 160/6 is totally neutral if "by Band" is out.  Loggers do not restrict Qs by band so far as I am aware.
The others on the list are purely procedural on the scoring side and have zero impact.

The remaining items then are:----------------------------------
DC added, separating MD from MDC.  MD and DC will be correct, MDC not.
Canadian Prov/Terr list revised to 13 entries, matching RAC Canada Day listing.

Add 160M and 6M.
A Mixed operation may be split into PH and/or CW entries...  
The mixed entry is not allowed in this case.  (No double entry of contacts, fixes a flawed rule.)
Summary forms are not required for Cabrillo or electronic log entries. (Simplification where possible)
All paper logs will be accepted for awards, 100 contact rule removed.
A GA rover may also submit a fixed home station entry, if the rover has not made Rover contacts from the home county.
Separate log submissions are required.   (Gives rovers an added option)
These six items are the ones that will likely be implemented, but discussion is still open for the weekend.
With the high impact changes out, the remainder are really fine tunes and tweaks.
Actually this could be the last changes to the core "rules" for quite a long while.  Hope so.

Bobby gave me a reference to fix my disconnect on the web site, and I am waiting for some help from KM3T, Dave.

Thanks to all for the input.  The comments were kindly put and well presented.

Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
Be well, 

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