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Mon Dec 17 16:47:38 EST 2007

Rule 3 just says a rover can become a Multi-op as in item 3c.  That's 
the same class as Multi-op fixed.   My comment was directed toward 
clarifying the intent of the rules, not changing anything.  The rules as 
stated are unclear.  If there are really 4 catagories, why not list 4 

Jerry, K4SAV

         a. Single Operator.  One person performs all operating and 
logging functions.  Use "SO" as category.
         b. Multi-Operator.  Those obtaining assistance from another 
operator or logger. Use of spotting is OK.  Multi-operator stations may 
be Multi-Single or Multi-Multi.  Use "MS" or "MM" as category.
         c. Rover.  A single Georgia mobile or portable station that 
operates from at least two (2) different Georgia counties and making at 
least one (1) contacts from each county.   A rover can also be multi 
operator, as above.


Michael Condon wrote:

> Hi,
> I was away for the weekend, and need to catch up...
> We do have a RM, Rover Multi category in the rules, and separate 
> awards for RM's.
> Check the rules Item 3, C.
> Rovers must hit 2 counties, can be more than one OP, and are broken 
> into 3 power levels.
> They do get a non participating driver and remain Single Op... a 
> safety clause.
> On another rover item though...
> In the awards, however, we do not call out differences for power 
> levels for rovers.  I had a note to myself to tweak the rules to 
> mention this, but not to change a rule point on this.
> If that does not cover it, I will take help for a clarification...
> More notes in the box to see...
> I hope this helps.
> Mike, NE4S
> K4SAV <RadioIR at charter.net> wrote:
>     According to the GQP rules there are prizes for Rover Multi-op class,
>     however there is no Rover Multi-op class listed, only Multi-op, which
>     places multi-op Rovers and fixed station multi-op in the same
>     class. I
>     don't know if this is the intention or not, but some wording in the
>     rules for clarification would be helpful.
>     Jerry, K4SAV
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