[SECC] New members of the GQP team.

Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 16 17:44:52 EST 2007

I want to welcome Chaz Cone to our GQP efforts as Plaque manager.  
Chaz is experienced at handling plaques, and will be greatly appreciated.

Also, Jeff, KU8E has agreed to be our Rover Coordinator, and Prize Manager.
Jeff, and many others, have worked in these capacities in the past.  
Jeff has always been at the forefront of these efforts and we now are happy to make it formal.

We are near to completing the GQP committee as a recognized panel of committed and experienced members.
When the team is complete, we will publish the full list of team members, and duties, here and on the web.  
Then we can continue plans with the whole team involved.

These folks will be looking for help from the people who have been involved in the past, and there are many.

Again, these are just the preliminary steps to move GQP to THE #1 QSO party event.

More to come...

Mike, NE4S

PS....  Get on the air for club!!!   Your log counts.
Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
Be well, 

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