K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Mon Jan 14 09:52:02 EST 2008

10,998 points for Team SMC #7

Band     QSO/Mult
160:     82 / 33
80:       0 / 0
40:       27 / 23
20:       20 / 16
15:       12 / 6
10:       0 / 0

Total:   141 / 78

I manged just over 2-1/5 hours. About 1830z, I finished fixing the 160M TX 
antenna support that broke Dec. 1. and tried to load it up on the high bands 
with a tuner -- Worked one station with great difficulty, so I went to plan 

Made a wire vertical about 1/4 wave on 20M, and connected it in place of the 
inv-L. It loaded OK on 20 and 15 and I managed to make a few contacts on 
those bands. Felt like I was QRP! I added wire to the vertical for a 40M 
inv-L and worked a few more stations on 40 and 15. So far, 1.1 hours in the 

I finally got back into the shack at 0430z. Collected a few more QSOs and 
mults on 40, then went out and reconnected the 160M antenna. Made 82 QSOs 
and 33 mults on 160M in the last 1-1/4 hours of the contest.

Worked lots of SMC stations (of course, with 8 teams!), but not so many of 
my former SECC colleagues.

Not on for NAQP Phone, but willl be 'rip roarin' and ready to roll' for the 
CQWW 160 CW contest in 2 weeks!

73, Gary

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