[SECC] Announcement, NA Sprint SSB Practice Sessions, Thursday and Friday

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed Sep 10 10:22:06 EDT 2008

We still need several more for a Southeast Sprint Coalition team for 
Saturdays NA Sprint SSB.  Please e-mail ku8e at bellsouth.net.  Try to get 
in at least one of the practice sessions to make sure your station and 
software are ready for the real thing Saturday night.  73, John, K4BAI.

This week, we'll use the real North American SPRINT rules for the
Thursday and Friday practices, SSB.
SEPT. 11 & 12 local date in North America;  SEPT. 12, 13  UTC.
Test out your voice-keyers, loggers and station, practice the NAS format.

30 minutes starting at 0230Z, and three bands, 80, 40, 20m!
-- Start 0230Z (1930 PDT, 2030 MDT, 2130 CDT 2230 EDT)

NA SPRINT RULES:   (NO DUPES on the same band)-- SSB only, CHOICE OF
POWER, mults count ONCE (NOT PER BAND)
BANDS:  80, 40, 20m: --  Near 14250, 7220, 3830
The  schedule of Thursday (sometimes Friday also) events through
October is now posted on the NEXT NS page at:

General rules and further info at: http://www.ncccsprint.com/

-- Report scores near 3610 LSB after the practice,  at 0300Z (8 PM PDT) on
the weekly NCCC contest net), or send your score directly to the 3830
Thanks to WA7BNM and N7WA for their posting service.

Next week, SEPT. 19,  back to cw, NS rules three bands.

CU, N6RO    kenkeeler at jazznut.com
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