[SECC] Dayton Contest Dinner Tickets

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jan 12 14:47:51 EST 2009

I took a look at the Dayton Contest Dinner webpage.  The tickets are 
individually $37.00 and $290.00 for a table for 8.  I think it would be 
nice if those of us from the South East could sit together.  However, I 
handled those arrangements for us in 2007 and don't really want to take 
the time and trouble it took again this year.  So, I am ready to buy my 
ticket, but will hold off for a few days.  If anybody else wants to 
volunteer to coordinate a table for 8 or more than one table, I'll order 
through you.  If not, I'll buy mine individually and take random 
seating.  It would be hard for me to find a table where I wouldn't know 
someone from contesting.  Let us know if anyone wants to take that on. 
73, John, K4BAI.

Incidentally, the KCDX Club CW Pile Up Competition traditionally takes 
place after this Saturday night dinner in the Crowne Plaza.  There are 
always nice prizes for the top three or so places.  Last year, KY1V 
invited the top four or five place finishers to operate a contest at his 
station in Jamaica (6Y1V) with him and with Dave paying their airfare! 
And Gary, W5ZL, took him up on that offer.  Don't know that it would 
ever be repeated, but good things can happen to those who compete.  And, 
it is a lot of fun.  Unless it is the way you usually operate, I 
recommend holding off on alcohol consumption until the pileup 
competition is completed!  Also, brush up on your handwriting because, 
as of last year at least, you had to write the calls down rather than 
entering them into a computer.

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