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Michael Condon mrcne4s at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 16:19:43 EST 2009

Hi folks,
I saw a blurb on one of the morning shows today referring to a national ban on cell phone use while driving. 
No mention of other categories of distraction behavior though.
I am not sure the feds can do this, but I don't know.  It seems like a state issue.
I do not know the fact or status of this story.

I think all of us should complain to the GA reps about the inclusion of amateur mobiles in the GA bill.
It seems to be a fix for something that is not a problem.
I have never heard of an accident involving a mobile ham.
The leap from what may be a current problem with a specific class of behavior to include other activities that are not showing a problem is just wrong.

My complaint will lean toward the public service aspect of amateur mobiles and our ability and need to respond to emergencies as requested by state and local agencies.
I will compare our radio installations to those of the other categories of emergency and safety services.
I will also include a comment like "it has NOT been broke for many decades, it does not need fixing".

For GQP, our rules and advice encourage mobiles to use a driver, and it seems most actually do that.
Currently there is not a separation of "driver/no driver" classes for Mobiles, which actually promotes using a driver.
But I am sure that if this bill becomes law, some impact will follow for GQP, AQP, TQB, etc, and all other mobile activities.
But the show will go on....

In 2008, my Rover run was as a single.  I drove, stopped in a safe place, had some fun, and moved on.

Speaking of GQP, we are just at the verge of ramping up the preliminary notices, reminders, and other publicity.
The "flyer" is updated, and available for download on the web site.
Please make some copies and take them to your club meetings over the next months til April 11/12.

And, get a driver, get the mobile tuned up, and plan a run of some of the counties near you.
You can enjoy the fun of being the object of a pile-up.
It is a Peach of a Party!

Write your reps, please
Mike, NE4S

 Please use ne4s at iham.us or mike1230 at mcnet.us as my address.
GQP, the fastest growing QSO party, is on  4/11+12 2009.
See gqp.contesting.com  !
Be well

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