[SECC] Need some 2009 GQP Destination help........

Tad Williamson ironbutttad at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 30 09:07:20 EST 2009

Ok, thanks to Mike and the other organizers of the GQP for all they do.  I took the spreadsheet and made a couple of changes and got total Q's made from all counties from 2005-2008.  I chose counties with less than a total of 75 Q's for the 4 years.
Burke - 44
Atkinson - 48
Echols - 50
Brantley - 66
Jenkins - 74
Throw Terrell County into the mix because it was the only county without a Q last year.
So that gives me a total of 6 target counties.  Here's what I need from you:
If you live in one of these counties or pass through them or know someone who is in one of these counties please read on.  I would like to find either a campground (with AC power hookups) or a motel that looks like it might have a "back corner" room that I could operate from.  Preferably, I would like to have a grassy area where I can put up my tilt-up mast and run my OCF dipole.  I have another couple of options if I can't use the tilt-up.
Please pass along any info or contacts that might help me out.
Thanks, 73, Tad, WF4W


"What a long, strange trip it's been"
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