[SECC] Announcement: NS Ladder Starts This Thursday; New Divisions

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Mon Apr 12 06:50:24 PDT 2010

This week NCCC Thursday Night Contesting resumes the fast and furious 
NCCC Sprint Ladder (NSL), now in it’s seventh year.  NSL-VIII runs for 
10 weeks, with participants’ six high scores counting toward awards of 
California wine from the ham radio vineyard of W0YK.  The contest’s 
controversial dupe rule, used through last summer to maintain a high QSO 
rate, is history.  This Spring ’10 edition of NSL will be a 4-band 
affair, 20-160m cw, in the 0230-0300Z (Friday) time slot.  For those who 
wish to learn the sprint format, or who may be wary of the 30-40 wpm 
speeds that are typical of NSL, Mike, W9RE, sponsors the Slow NS (SNS) 
starting at 0200Z, same bands and format but with code speed of 18-25 
wpm. For the really compulsive, the NS Ladder is also a great way to 
polish SO2R skills.  Sprint SO2R hints from N4OGW and N3BB will appear 
on the web site shortly.  Detailed rules for NSL are at 
www.ncccprint.com ; questions including requests to join the contest’s 
reflector nccc-blue, to Bill N6ZFO, Contest Director,  n6zfo at arrl.net, 
or to any NSL Advisory group member . . K6UFO, K4BAI, N4AF, N3BB, W9RE, 
or W4NZ.

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