[SECC] It's a sign of the apocalypse...

scottstraw at mindspring.com scottstraw at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 30 12:14:06 PDT 2010

So after intending to for 20 months, I finally found 20 minutes and pulled a power line from the battery into the cabin of my car for my long-dormant dual band radio.

The antenna that has been in my trunk for a while is a 1/4 wave 2M with a BNC-M for use with HT's. No prob; run by Radio Shack and either get a proper 2M 5/8 wave antenna or at least a BNC-F to UHF-M adapter; something to get on the air with.

After looking in vein for several minutes, the manager told me that Radio Shack no longer sells any CB or Ham antennas, radios, or related items. 

Oy Vey!

Scott, KB4KBS/5

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