[SECC] Goofy NAQP CW Question...

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jan 8 12:50:56 PST 2010

It my opinion, if you are known as a contester at all, it is probably 
best to use your own name.  You just confuse people by using something 
different.  Granted, AA4LR, Bill, uses George (his middle name, I 
think), but he has established that for some time and I think W4ATL, 
Sherman, uses something other than Sherman because Sherman is unusual 
and pretty long.

I did guest operating for a couple of NAQPs at W4AN.  The first time it 
was on CW and I used "JOHN GA."  Bill, W4AN, had suggested that I use 
"Bill."  But, I used "John" and confused people.  Maybe it was not just 
that W4AN was "Bill," but on weak backscatter contacts, it may have been 
hard to tell if it was really W4AN, John, GA or maybe it was W4AU, John, 
VA (the same W4AU, John, VA who is on one of our SECC teams this weekend).

So, I'd use my real name and continue to establish recognition of that 
name as being my name.

Or, start with another name like AA4LR did and work to establish that in 
many future contests, so it eventually stops being confusing to people. 
  Maybe like Howie (SECC#1), N4AF, has done.  He uses "AL" in NAQP and 
NA Sprint.  I assume he does that because it is shorter than "Howie."

Seems to me that "Paul" is a pretty good name for CW especially.  Hasn't 
hurt N4PN to use that name on either mode.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.  Let's make a lot of QSOs!  73, John, K4BAI.

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