[SECC] Announcement: 2010 Worked All Germany Contest (WAG)

John T. Laney III k4bai at att.net
Tue Oct 5 18:43:44 PDT 2010

Text in Deutsch  am Ende

Dear OM,

the Worked All Germany Contest 2010, running from 16. October, 15.00z till 17. October, 14.59z, will be the 50th edition of this well known Contest (starting 1959 the first WADM Contest, 1962 the second and than year by year).
The "Deutscher Amateur Radio Club" (DARC) invites you to take part and test your setup for the upcoming big CQ-WWDX contests.

As an international participant you have to work German stations and DARC districts for multipliers. There are 25 districts corresponding to different regions within Germany.  You can derive the district from the first letter in the DOK (e.g. W37 or 20W17) which is part of the contest exchange for German stations. The DOK ist a valueable information for many German awards too.

German stations may work everybody. You have to send the RS(T) and a serial number starting with 001. Members of the DARC send RS(T) and their DOK. German non mebers of the DARC will send "NM" instead of a DOK.

The complete rules will be published on the homepage of the DX and HF-Radiosports-Committee of the DARC:www.darc.de/referate/dx/contest/wag/

Please pay attention to the bandplan to avoid collisions with stations participate in the JOTA.
Send your log to wag at dxhf.darc.de not later than November 1st, 2010. For questions use wag-info at dxhf.darc.de.

The log entry, claimed scores and final results will be published on the homepage

Join the WAG and enjoy!

Klaus Voigt  DL1DTL
WAG Contestmanager

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