[SECC] Capacitor for Saba

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I'm afraid I REALLY need that capacitor in Saba, so I can't trade it
just yet.  But I agree 100% with your sentiments.  I am always sorry to
acrimony in our fine hobby and club.  Hopefully this too shall pass.

Hal N4GG

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Please trade the capacitor for some sanity, calm, and common sense.

The whirlwind of defections from the club has been tantamount to a
scandal-ridden European government - minus the incriminating photos of a
scantily clad mistress, and most importantly, minus the apparent cause.

Ok, so Jeff said some things about some over-zealous, and possibly
overly-mercenary-minded DXpeditioners who were offering QSL cards for a
S/H fee that seemed excessive. Especially since similar cards from the
same locale could be obtained from club members post-visit w/o the S/H
fee in a few months.

I didn't see any lingerie or legs, so why all the hubbub?
Remaining Gentlemen and Ladies, I am (and you are as well) fortunate to
have a place, and a ladle, at a fountain of infinite knowledge, freely
and generously offered, by some of the legends in our particular niche
of an incredible hobby. I hope that whoever poisoned the well will see
the error of his/her actions and seek reconciliation. I also hope those
who tasted the bitter infusion, or who reacted in sympathy to the
offended, will find restorative elixirs that will mediate if not
counteract the toxins. 

I need all the help, support, and encouragement I can get; I can't
afford to lose any more wise sages.

Scott, KB4KBS

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