[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests: SECC Attributed Scores Only

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed May 16 08:37:43 PDT 2012

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  May ARS Spartan Sprint
K4BAI  37  37  SOQRP (Tubby)  2.0  GA  SECC
AA4GA  16  16  SOQRP               GA  SECC

2.  CWOps Club CWT, 1300Z, May 9, 2012
K4BAI  64  49  3,136  SO HP  1.0  GA  SECC
K5TF   11  11    121  SO LP  _    GA  SECC

3.  CWOps Club CWT, 1900Z, May 9, 2012
K5TF   25  21    525  SO LP  _    GA  SECC

4.  CWOps Club CWT, 0300Z, May 10, 2012
K4BAI  73  38  2,774  SO HP  1.0  GA  SECC
K5TF   42  26  1,092  SO LP  _    GA  SECC

5.  NCCC NS Ladder, May 11, 2012
W4OC   46  32  1,472  SO LP  0.5  SC  SECC  SO2R
K4BAI  45  29  1,305  SO LP  0.5  GA  SECC

6.  NCCC RTTY Practice Sprint, May 11, 2012
W4OC   21  18    378  SO LP  0.5  SC  SECC  SO2R

7.  CQ-M International DX Contest
Call   CW Q  Ph Q  Mul  Score    Cateogry   Time   St  Club  Misc
N4PN    367   584  179  412,774  SOABMixHP  19     GA  SECC
K4BAI   409    25  101  116,554  SOABMixHP  10:51  GA  SECC
KU8E    170     0   48   18,624  SOABCW HP   4:53  GA  SECC
N4GG     37     0    0        1  SOABCW HP   _     GA  SECC

8.  VOLTA RTTY DX Contest
WB2RHM/4  65  34  2,431,000  SOAB HP  6  NC  SECC  SO2R

9.  FISTS CW Club Spring Sprint
K4BAI  67  28  8,456  SO LP  4.0  GA  SECC

10.  May Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprintathon
K4BAI   33  19    852* SO HP  1:23  GA  SECC

*There was also a allocation of bonus points per QSO depending on the 
age of the operator worked.  I didn't take the time to figure up or add 
in those bonus points.

This Week's Contests:

1.  NCCC NS Sprint Practice. Thursday night local, 0230-0259Z Friday. 
100W maximum power.  One kHz QSY rule.  20, 40, 80, 160M CW.  Exchange: 
  both calls, #, a former call, SPC.  Dupes OK after one intervening QSO 
this week only.  This week is a bye for the ladder event due to so many 
being in Dayton. So, for this week only same band dupes are permitted 
after one intervening QSO and you are asked to use a former call instead 
of your name in the exchange.  If I were able to be QRV, I'd use "HL9KQ" 
my call in Korea in 1968-69.

2.  NCCC RTTY Sprint Practice. Thurssday night local, 0130-0159Z Friday. 
100W maximum power.  One kHz QSY ruls.  20, 40, 80M RTTY.  (They dropped 
15M after adding it last week and almost no QSOs were possible at that 
hour on 15M.) Exchange:  both calls, #, name, SPC.

3.  NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint.  Wednesday night local, 0030-0230Z 
Thursday.  80, 40, 20M CW.  5W maximum power.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, 
NAQCC # or power.  Multiply score by 2 for hand key and by 1 1/2 for bug.

4.  Aegean RTTY Contest.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  80-10M RTTY.  Exchange: 
RST + QSO#.  Work everyone.

5.  EU PSK DX Contest.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  80-10M BPSK63.  Exchange: 
RST + EU Area Code or QSO# for non Eu stations.  Work everyone.

6.  His Majesty King of Spain Contest, CW.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  160-10M 
CW.  Exchange:  RST + Serial # or Spanish Province abbreviation.  Work 
everyone.  Note rules for frequency restrictions per Region One band 
plan.  DX Cluster can be used by single ops.

7.  Baltic Contest.  21Z Sat to 02Z Sun.  80M CW, SSB.  Exchange:  RS(T) 
+ Serial #.  Work everyone.  Single ops may not use cluster.

8.  Flying Pigs QRP Club May Run for the Bacon Contest.  Sunday night 
local, 01-03Z Mon.  160-10M CW.  5W maximum power.  Exchange:  RST + SPC 
+ FP# or power.  Look on usual QRP calling frequencies + 7104 kHz.

9.  CWOps Club, CWT Mini Tests.  Next Wednesday.  Three one hour mini 
tests.  13Z, 19Z and 03Z (Thursday UTC).  160-10M CW.  Exchange:  Name + 
CWOps# or State/Province/Country.  Look around 028 kHz on each band.

Hope everyone has a nice week and weekend and a lot of QSOs.  Wish for 
safe travel for those lucky ones going to Dayton.

73, John, K4BAI.

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