[SECC] Tower, antennas, hardware.

Paul Hansen pwhansen at bellsouth.net
Wed May 16 10:33:41 PDT 2012

I'm never going to do anything with this so it's time to try this one last
time. Next stop for all this is eBay, eHam, QRZ and QTH. I have at least 54
straight sections of Rohn 25, 9 tapered top sections with various diameter
sleeves, and 4 cut straight sections that can be used for poured bases.
Also, I have a lot of anchors, anchor bolts, turn buckles, galvanized
nuts-bolts-screws, and other miscellaneous tower and antenna hardware and
installation parts. A fall arresting harness and line-mans bucket can be
included. Other stuff will be thrown in like a 1000 foot roll of 10
conductor 18 gauge wire and what ever else I can pawn off on an unsuspecting
buyer. I'd like $3000.00 for over a ton of stuff and I'd like to move all of
it at once. I can piece it out later.


There is an older model Tennadyne 10 element LPDA for $500.00. It has round
booms. A coaxial lumped constant balun is already attached. Two different
lengths shorting stubs are with it too. No missing hardware or parts.


Also in the pile of stuff is an original version Force 12 antenna. It's on a
36 foot boom and features 3 full sized elements on 20 meters, 2 linear
loaded elements on 30 meters and 2 linear loaded elements on 40 meters. I
have everything for the antenna except the linear loading wires will need to
be replaced and on 3 foot section of 3/8 aluminum tubing is damaged. It's
about 100 pounds of antenna so it's not for a small installation. All the
books and hardware are included for $500.00.


I have a 5 element 6 meter beam. It's made in Germany and sold here under
the name ZX-Yagi. The antenna has a broken SO-239 at the gamma match. It
performed very well for me in the past but I will never use it again. I'm
asking $100.00.


Out in the shed are enough of those 4 foot military antenna poles to make 4
full size 30 meter verticals and 4 full sized 40 meter verticals. I even
have some insulated bases I built for them. All for $200.00.


For another $200.00 I have a 30 meter 4 square controller and phasing unit.


Last on this list is a very long Cushcraft 432 antenna. The boom is about 24
feet and there are something like 29 elements. $100.00.


I might be able to bring some of this stuff to the Atlanta Hamfest in a
couple of weeks. All I have is a Ford ranger so I can't get all the tower
sections in it. A trailer will be needed.




Thank you,


Paul Hansen, W6XA

Amateur Radio Service

Icom Service Center Southeast

1140 Watkins Road

Anderson, SC 29625



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