[SECC] SECC Teams Registered for NAQP CW

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Fri Jan 11 16:55:18 EST 2013

Here are the SECC teams registered for NAQP CW tomorrow.  Hope everyone 
will get on and make QSOs even if not on a team. This is a really fun 
contest.  I will have to leave the house about 10:30 AM tomorrow and 
will try to check e-mail about 10 AM for any last minute changes. After 
10:30, I do not expect to be able to make any changes.  Remember to let 
me know about SECC teams for NAQP SSB and NAQP RTTY. So far, I have nine 
for SSB and four for RTTY.

1800Z Sat to 0600Z Sun.  (That means 1 PM Sat to 1 AM Sunday.)  No more 
than 10 hours allowed for single ops.  Off times must be at least 30 
minutes.  Best to allow 31 minutes to be sure you don't miscount. 
Exchange: Name + Stete/VE area/NA country for North American stations 
and only Name for DX outside NA.  Hawaii (HI) stations count the same as 
NA and HI is a mult.  If your logging programs wants something in the 
QTH space for DX stations put in "DX."  You can take the "DX" out of the 
Cabrillo file later if you wish.  Remember that mults count per band in 
this contest, so you need to operate all possible bands and QSY to other 
bands when you need a mult on another band.  Often QSOs will be possible 
on QSYs even to apparently dead bands.  It is important to call CQ as 
well as do S&P.  Adjust your speed of sending CQ if you aren't getting 
many answers.  Speeds in this contest will vary from about 15 to about 
40 WPM, but the speed demon guys will fairly quickly run out of QSOs 
unless they are really rare.  Psacket assistance is not permitted for 
single ops.  If you want to use packet spots, you will be M/2.  Hope 
everyone has a lot of fun and a lot of QSOs.  Post your scores to 3830 
or send them to me for next week's summary.  In the header of your log 
and on 3830, you can show your club as "South East Contest Club," but 
there is no club aggregate score competition for this contest.  You may 
show your team in the header (you will to add it) of your Cabrillo file, 
but you are not required to do so.  The sponsors will pick up the teams 
from the pre-contest registration and match the scores to each team 
member.  73, John, K4BAI.

Thanks for registering your team at 11 Jan 2013 2130Z

Team: SECC#1

73 de CWNAQP Manager

Thanks for registering your team at 11 Jan 2013 2132Z

Team: SECC#2

73 de CWNAQP Manager

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