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Fri Jan 11 19:24:09 EST 2013

Also, run no more than 100 Watts!
On Jan 11, 2013 4:55 PM, "John Laney" <k4bai at att.net> wrote:

> Here are the SECC teams registered for NAQP CW tomorrow.  Hope everyone
> will get on and make QSOs even if not on a team. This is a really fun
> contest.  I will have to leave the house about 10:30 AM tomorrow and will
> try to check e-mail about 10 AM for any last minute changes. After 10:30, I
> do not expect to be able to make any changes.  Remember to let me know
> about SECC teams for NAQP SSB and NAQP RTTY. So far, I have nine for SSB
> and four for RTTY.
> 1800Z Sat to 0600Z Sun.  (That means 1 PM Sat to 1 AM Sunday.)  No more
> than 10 hours allowed for single ops.  Off times must be at least 30
> minutes.  Best to allow 31 minutes to be sure you don't miscount. Exchange:
> Name + Stete/VE area/NA country for North American stations and only Name
> for DX outside NA.  Hawaii (HI) stations count the same as NA and HI is a
> mult.  If your logging programs wants something in the QTH space for DX
> stations put in "DX."  You can take the "DX" out of the Cabrillo file later
> if you wish.  Remember that mults count per band in this contest, so you
> need to operate all possible bands and QSY to other bands when you need a
> mult on another band.  Often QSOs will be possible on QSYs even to
> apparently dead bands.  It is important to call CQ as well as do S&P.
>  Adjust your speed of sending CQ if you aren't getting many answers.
>  Speeds in this contest will vary from about 15 to about 40 WPM, but the
> speed demon guys will fairly quickly run out of QSOs unless they are really
> rare.  Psacket assistance is not permitted for single ops.  If you want to
> use packet spots, you will be M/2.  Hope everyone has a lot of fun and a
> lot of QSOs.  Post your scores to 3830 or send them to me for next week's
> summary.  In the header of your log and on 3830, you can show your club as
> "South East Contest Club," but there is no club aggregate score competition
> for this contest.  You may show your team in the header (you will to add
> it) of your Cabrillo file, but you are not required to do so.  The sponsors
> will pick up the teams from the pre-contest registration and match the
> scores to each team member.  73, John, K4BAI.
> Thanks for registering your team at 11 Jan 2013 2130Z
> Team: SECC#1
> W5JR(W5JR)
> N4XL(N4XL)
> 73 de CWNAQP Manager
> Thanks for registering your team at 11 Jan 2013 2132Z
> Team: SECC#2
> W4DD(W4DD)
> NM2L(NM2L)
> K2SX(K2SX)
> AD4J(AD4J)
> 73 de CWNAQP Manager
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