[SECC] New Member: WA8HSB

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed Jan 23 10:02:43 EST 2013

On 1/23/2013 9:52 AM, Greg - N3ZL wrote:
> Hi SECC-ers,
> Help me in extending a warm welcome to the SECC to John Aeiker,
> WA8HSB, of Mobile, AL. Here's what John had to say about himself:
> -----
> I have been a ham since 1963. I operate HF and use QRP exclusively. My
> main rig is the TS-850S turned down to 5 watts.  I also have an
> Elecraft K-1, Kenwood TS-440S, and Ten-Tec Triton IV available. As I
> live in an HOA neighborhood, my primary antennas are in the attic (a
> 40 meter inverted vee favoring N/S, a 2-element wire yagi for 20/15/10
> pointed to the NE, a 20/15/10 dipole underneath the yagi for NW/SE,
> and a 4-band wire elevated vertical with 6 radials for 17-10 meters).
> You will find me mostly on CW with some RTTY and PSK operation
> sprinkled in for variety. I have always enjoyed operating in contests
> and work many of them (big & small) throughout the year - both CW and
> I enjoy operating outdoors and travel on business quite a bit so it
> won't be strange to hear me operating from somewhere other than my
> home QTH. I've operated from over 30 states so far and 7 countries
> (W/K, VE, KP4, I, 9A, PY, EA). I have several rigs to choose from for
> travelling but, I typically travel with either the Elecraft KX-1 or
> KD1JV's ATS-3. Both cover 4 bands. All I need is a piece of wire in a
> tree to enjoy making contacts. The KX-1 has an ATU and I use the T-1
> with the ATS-3. For those areas where trees may be a bit scarce, I'm
> quite fond of my BuddiStick. It works very well mounted on the rear
> window of the rental car.
> Thanks to John, K4BAI for the invitation to join SECC.  I am honored
> to be asked.
> 73/72, John
> -----
> Welcome to the club, John, and I am sure we will be hearing you on the air soon,
> 73 de Greg, N3ZL
> SECC Secretary
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I have tried for years to get more of the QRPers involved in SECC and 
ACG.  John, you will fine Lee, AA4GA, George, K4EOR, Larry, K4PIC, 
Vaden, NN4K, Bill, AA4LR, Jim, WA4ILO and a few others who do a lot of 
QRP contesting in SECC.  In ACG, there are KS4L, Randy, and a few 
others. But, I report almost every week on a bunch of QRPers and 
Straight Key ops from GA and AL who submit scores to their specialized 
contests, but haven't shown much interest in joining SECC or ACG.  I 
hope we can change that. 73, John, K4BAI.

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