[SECC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests: SECC Attributed Scores Only

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Wed Jan 23 17:18:56 EST 2013

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  NAQCC January SK/Bug Sprint
K3Y/4  30  21  2,436  SOQRP GAIN  2.0  GA  SECC  By K4BAI
WA8REI 20  12    912  SOQRP GAIN       MI  SECC
W4QO   13  11    396  SOQRP SWA        GA  SECC
AA4GA   7   4     52  SOQRP SWA        GA  SECC
NN4K    5   4     60  SOQRP SWA        GA  SECC

2.  Locust QSO Party
K4AMA   13  18,000    LP  1.0  SC  SECC

3.  NCCC NS Ladder 1/17/13
K4BAI  53  33  1,789  SOLP  0.5  GA  SECC
W4OC   46  37  1,702  SOLP  0.5  SC  SECC SO2R

4.  ARRL January VHF Contest
WB4SQ  65  25  1,625  SOLP     6  GA  SECC
AA4LR  14   7     98  SOLP     4  GA  SECC

5.  NCJ North American QSO Party, SSB
W4SVO   1178  199  234,422  SO LP  10     FL  SECC  SECC#1
K4NV    1087  191  207,617  SO LP  10     GA  SECC  SECC#1
N4XL     745  179  133,355  SO LP  10     SC  SECC  SECC#1
AA4LR    608  150   91,300  SO LP   9.9   GA  SECC  SECC#1
W4DD     562  152   85,424  SO LP  10     GA  SECC  SECC#2
KT4ZB    544  111   62,016  SO LP   9     GA  SECC  SECC#1
K4JTT    273  101   27,573  SO LP  10.5   SC  SECC  SECC#2
AK4I     251  109   27,359  SO LP   7.6   GA  SECC
W4ANT    275   96   26,400  SO LP   9     SC  SECC  SECC#2
K4AMA    196   88   17,248  SO LP  10     SC  SECC
W4MJA    211   79   16,669  SO LP   2:44  GA  SECC  SECC#2
N4TOL    112   48    5,376  SO LP   3     GA  SECC

Team Scores:
SECC#1 728,610
SECC#2 156,066 + NM2L

This Week's Contests:

1.  CWOps Club CWT Mini Test 0300Z 1/24/13 (Wed night local). 160-10M 
CW.  One hour 0300-0359Z.  Exchange:  Name + CWOps# or SPC.

2.  80M QRP Fox Hunt.  Thursday night local, 0200-0330Z Friday. 
3550-3570 kHz.  Two foxes, NK9G, Rick, in WI and K5JX, Rene, in TX, will 
be hiding.
Work only the two QRP foxes.  Maximum power 5W.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, 
Name, Power.

3.  NCCC NS Ladder.  0230-0259Z Friday (Thursday local).  Maximum power 
100W.  One kHz QSY rule.  20, 40, 80, 160M CW.  Exchange: both calls, #, 
name, SPC.
Look around 40 kHz up and 1815 kHz.  Slow speed SNS will precede NS at 
0200-0220Z.  Same rules as NS except no 160M and keep speeds slower.

4.  CQ 160 Meter CW Contest.  2200Z Friday to 2200Z Sunday. Maximum for 
single ops:  30 hrs.  Maximum for multi ops:  40 hrs. Exchange:  RST + 
S/P or CQ Zone for stations outside W/VE.  VE7ZO, W4IX, and K4BAI will 
be multi op at NQ4I.

5.  REF (France) CW Contest.  06Z Sat to 18Z Sun.  80-10M CW. Exchange:  
RST + serial # or French Dpt # or French overseas prefix.  Work only 
French stations including in French possessions.

6.  BARTG RTTY Sprint.  12Z Sat to 12Z Sun.  80-10M RTTY. Exchange: 
Serial #.  Work everyone.

7.  UBA (Belgian) DX Contest, SSB.  13Z Sat to 13Z Sun.  80-10M SSB.  
Exchange:  RS + serial # or Belgian Prov abbreviation.  Work everyone.

8.  SPAR Winter Field Day.  All contest bands.  17Z Sat to 17Z Sun.  
Exchange:  RS(T) + Category + Temperature (C or F).  Not much activity 
in this one usually.

9.  QRPARCI Fireside SSB Sprint.  20-2359Z Sun.  80-10M SSB. Exchange:  
RS + SPC + QRPARCI# or power.  Look around the QRP calling frequencies 
on each band.  You'll be surprised that you can actually make 2x SSB 
QSOs with 5W or less.

10.  Thursday night QRP Fox Hunt.  Same as for 40M on Tuesday night, but 
this is 80M and there will be two different QRP Foxes to work.  
3550-3570 kHz.

Hope everyone has a good week and weekend and a lot of QSOs.  Hope to 
work you all from NQ4I in the CQ 160M CW Contest.  Don't forget to 
register for a SECC Team for NAQP RTTY in February.  Let me know to 
include you on a team.  73, John, K4BAI.

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