[SECC] 6 element Six meter Quad for sale..... Cubex \ Tennadyne--Price Reduced

Tad Williamson tadwf4w at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 15:37:46 EST 2014

I purchased this a couple of years a go and never put it up.
Here are the specifications:

*FG= 17dbi,  @ 40ft;   F/B > 30db*
*Direct feed with 50 Ohm coax; 50.2 MHz.*
*Rugged all weather construction.*
*Adjustable feed point to change resonance.*
*Aluminum mast to boom coupler.*
*16 ft. rugged aluminum boom*
*Handles >1 KW PEP.*
*Horizontal or vertical polarization.*
*> 500 KHz; bandwidth.*
*Turning radius 12.5'*
*weight 34 lbs.*

The boom is square aluminum tubing in 3 pieces and very sturdy.
The spreaders are fiberglass.
The wire and all the hardware are still in the box.

New, this quad is $332, but you can have this one for $225.   If you are
interested, we can work out delivery/pickup details.

73, Tad, WF4W


"What a long, strange trip it's been"

The Grateful Dead

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