[SECC] Team Competition NAQP RTTY

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Tue Feb 25 23:03:15 EST 2014

Greg asked how did our team score compare to others.  You can see for 
your self on 3830scores.com, but here is where we stand at the moment:  
9th out of 35 teams registered.  Of course, there could be some 
inacurracies. These scores are gathered from self reporting, not from 
the registered teams, and sometimes people make mistakes when they self 
report.  Also, the deadline for sending in logs hasn't passed yet and no 
one is required to report a score to 3830.  But, based on information 
avaialable at this time, here is what we have:

1.  SWACC#1  895,724  (This includes WW4LL)
2.  LCC#1    541,491
3.  NCCC#1   428,383
4.  DFW Contest Group 1  417,404
5.  SMC#1    406,216
6.  AOCC Bushwhackers  384,767
7.  PVRC Rappahannock Chapter 1  370,066
8.  Rocky Mtn Hi #1  337,372
9.  SECC     294,986

If W5EW hadn't lost his log, we could have been at least one position 
higher.  The SWACC#1 guys are obviously pros at this contest.  Hope we 
can do better next time, but this wasn't bad at log, parcticularly 
considering Ray's bad luck with his log.

I know a bit about how he feels because I lost a part of my UBA CW log 
from last weekend and won't submit a score to keep others from being 
penalized since I couldn't recover all the QSOs.

73, John, K4BAI.

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