Jim Streible k4dli at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 18 14:44:28 EST 2015

No prices listed! If you are interested
contact me and we can work out a deal.


Ten-Tec Orion II   $$
Remote tuning knob
All filters installed and Auto Antenna Tuner
Reason for sale: New Flex 5000A

Vibroplex Bug. New, can't use due to arthritis in fingers.
New cost $199.00---sell for $$

Keithley 410 Micro-Microamp meter. 19-inch rack mount.  $$
Here is link to discription: 
Range 10X10^-4 to 3X10^-13 amps in 20 ranges.

Bud cabinet: 19-inch rack 9-inches tall and 14 inches deep, Gray.  $$

Project Amplifier.  Built by Henry as driver for medical equipment using 
something like 3CX3000 tube.
Solid state, have diagrams, with power supply. I have driven it to about 
150 wts output with about
5 to 10 wts from 10 to 30 mHz. Would need output bandpass filters or 
tuner for clean on air use.  $$

Several older computers, 286, 386, 486, monitors and other
parts. Looking for a good home.   FREE

Need to clean out basement and storage spaces. I have some cable
and many parts you may like to have. Contact me and we can arrange
a time to come look it over.

Jim Streible  K4DLI
k4dli at earthlink.net

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