[SECC] Reminder: Phone Fray Tonight

John Laney k4bai at att.net
Tue Sep 8 08:08:30 EDT 2015

4-hour contests seem long now!   Please join in for 30-minutes of SSB on 
Tuesdays (0230z Wed).

KW8N has been leading the pack at around 70/40.  If we keep building 
participation, 100/60 is not far away.  If you're in the shack on 
Tuesday, please jump in!

Exchange name and S/P/C, 100W max.

No logs, just report Phone Fray scores to www.3830scores.com 

Suggested center frequencies are:  21.325, 14.250, 7.175, 3.800 (avoid 
3.790-3.800, and lower is better), 1.875.

Thanks!, 73, Dean, NW2K

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