[SEDXC] N4MLG station equipment

ROBERT DUGGAN, JR. r.duggan@prodigy.net
Mon, 8 May 2000 08:52:22 -0400


Jim Wohlford N4MLG is now a silent key.  I'm trying to help his widow Ginny
dispose of his ham equipment.
 Here's the main gear in his shack:
Kenwood TS940 transceiver with SP 940
Drake L-7 Wide Range Linear
NYE Impedance Matching Network
Drake WH-7 Wattmeter
Kenwood MC-60 mike
Daiwa DK-210 Electronic Keyer
2 Bencher keys
AEA Morse Machine
 We'd prefer to sell the entire station as a whole.  Any interest?  Any
Bob N4IA

Robert S. (Bob) Duggan, Jr.