[SEDXC] A52A on 12 and 10

thompson@mindspring.com thompson@mindspring.com
Mon, 8 May 2000 21:40:52 -0400

I worked A52A on both 12 and 10 this morning.   The signals on 12 varied
from 44 to 58 in rapid QSB.   He told a W2 to look on 28495 but nothing.  I
was tuning 10 as a YB0 and a DU1 were coming in fairly well and on 29470
there was A52A calling for NA/SA.   I was beaming almost due north (6
degrees) and he was 54 to 55.  Not as much QSB as 12 meters.  A K2 said not
readable in New Jersey
(I thought that was our line here).   I made it on one call, but some of the
locals were not getting him as well.  I had to leave so hope some of them
made it through.  I put it out to DX Summit.

It was a surprise to hear them on 10 as my propagation program shows a peak
at 1500 with MUF at 26Mhz and FOT at 22.9.   It also shows another peak at
0130Z  and they are always readable on 15 at that time.  The signal on CW
peaks both 1400 to 1500Z and 0130Z.  SSB on 15 is best at 0130Z.  12 and 10
are not open although I do hear UA9 and 0's on 12 at 0130Z.    SF is still
low (131).   I did hear them weakly on 40 CW but they get on at 1245Z which
is too late.

73 Dave K4JRB