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To all of you who consider yourself "contesters", Contest Hall of Fame
member, Carl Cook, AI6V, message speaks for itself.

If every sponsoring club would contribute to WRTC 2000, it would make a
real difference to the Slovenian Contest Club which has the financial
responsibility in sponsoring the event.  This team does not have the
financial backing that WRTC-96 had in the San Francisco area in 1996.
There is no SHELL OIL.  There is no HRO.  These companies eased the
financial obligations which must be considered when attempting to sponsor
an event like this.  Sure, they assumed that contributions would appear.   

However, optimism doesn't pay bills.  This is why I am injecting my
personal comments into this situation.  I hav known Tine, S50A, for the
past 21 years when we operated together in PJ2.  I have visited Ljubljana
when it was Yugoslavia in 1985.  I have been back to visit again in 1989
and 1991.

Any club that wants to call itself a contest club should ask its membership
to donate money toward a real contest activity.  It would be my suggestion
and recommendation that every sponsoring organization of a team
representating their club in WRTC 2000 come up with a sizeable
contribution.  This is a world wide event.  We need world wide
contributions.  DO IT!


Lew Gordon, K4VX