[SEDXC] 160 band plan comments

thompson@mindspring.com thompson@mindspring.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:56:30 -0500

Any band plan for 160 BEFORE the band is a worldwide band (at least 1800 to
1900 portion) will not work.  Much of the world is limited
to 1830 to 1850 so trying to place CW and SSB segments will not and cannot
work!  The FCC steers clear of setting more CW segments
(or any band segments for that matter).

Outside of major contests 99.9% respect the CW portion below 1840 with 1840
to 1850 being the SSB DX window much as the 3790 to 3799 window on 75 works.
Since many DX stations cannot work outside 1830 to 1850 (and then look at
the JA allocations) limiting SSB to above 1840 is not possible.  Already
many DX stations answer W/VE CQs above 1850, but do so a the risk of getting
a citation for out of band operation or even having their license revoked or
suspended (This happened to a prominent PY1 a dozen years ago).

I support band plans but suggest that the ARRL through the IARU try to get a
world wide band on 160 first.

73 Dave Thompson K4JRB
CQ WW 160 Contests Director
ARRL Assistant Director SE Division