MIKE GREENWAY K4PI@peoplepc.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 05:15:08 -0500

We had a very nice meeting tonight.  We had a video done by 9V1YC on the
A52A Bhutan expedition.  We had one of the participants at the meeting, Wes
W3WL.  Wes was also on the D68C trip and he will provide us with a program
next month on that expedition.  We were not able to make a direct club
contribution to the D68C trip but someone suggested we could pass the hat to
get enough to get the club logo on the D68C QSL.  Gary, WB4SQ was kind
enough to donate another UPS unit to raffle off.  We came up with $120 to
present to the D68 effort so we should see our logo on there.  Thanks
guys!!!  We had a couple of new members ,,,  K4YJ and KS5M.   Welcome guys.
Jay, K4OGG, brought up the Georgia QSO Party, and we agreed to be a
co-sponsor for the party.  Details of the party will be posted here and
possibly on the web.  I have not been able to update the web as the server
still does not have the software loaded that we need to make changes.