[SEDXC] Fwd: Chaz is a big tease!

Chaz Cone, W4GKF w4gkf at chazcone.com
Tue Aug 8 10:22:46 EDT 2006

Following up on JT's post:

Anyone want a driven element and three parasitic elements for a 
Classic 36?  Also have a 8' mast and a semi-crumpled Ringo Ranger...

Mosquito bites during retrieval: no charge

To whomever: made off with the boom, driven element and 
reflector:  Why didn't you steal it ALL in the first place?!!??


>Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 20:56:48 -0400
>From: "JT Croteau" <jt.w6fo at gmail.com>
>To: "*SEDXC Group" <sedxc at contesting.com>
>Subject: [SEDXC] Chaz is a big tease!
>In response to my want for a directional antenna for 20M, Chaz sent me
>an email stating that he had either a Mosely Classic 33 or a Classic
>36 in his backyard that I was welcome to come get.  Now, with Chaz's
>ever increasing grey matter, he couldn't remember which one was back
>out there.  However, either would have been perfect for me and, with
>boyish enthusiasm and a sudden burst of energy I haven't seen since I
>was a kid, I threw a bunch of tools in the back of the truck and sped
>over there to collect this great find.
>When I got there, I started to have the feeling that something was
>wrong as Chaz was locked in his house and couldn't find a key to get
>us out back.  However, we finally make it to the backyard, and proceed
>to start pulling element after element out of the mulch, vines, and
>all kinds of mean and nasty stuff.  The first three elements we pulled
>out were all parasitic elements meaning that this had to be the larger
>Classic-36.  I was elated, this was perfect!  Chaz told me that the
>antenna had been sitting back there for a good 10 years but I was
>impressed to find most of the hardware in excellent condition and was
>looking forward to an easy restoration project.  However, after we
>pull the driven element out, the wind quickly vanished from my sails
>as we suddenly could not find the remaining two elements nor the boom.
>  I spent the next 20 minutes digging around with a shovel but to no
>avail.  We gave up and I came home empty handed.
>Now with all kidding aside, I want to thank Chaz for offering this
>antenna to me in the first place along with letting me come over at
>the last minute on a Sunday evening to dig around his backyard.
>It just wasn't meant to be.
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