[SEDXC] CC Cluster Testing

Ernie Zingleman ks4q at zingleman.com
Tue Aug 15 23:23:09 EDT 2006


I'm testing a new node software package called CC Cluster.  It is entirely telnet with no RF access.  It has quite a few benefits that make it interesting for both the cluster operator and the cluster user.   The CC Cluster software still has a few rough edges to it; for example, the mail system is not working.  Thankfully, I can update it without disconnecting users!   If you notice any bugs with the CC Cluster node, please report them to me and I'll pass them on to be fixed.

(Let me reassure those of you that connect via RF that I do not have plans to shut down the AR-Cluster node that provides RF access.)

I'd like to ask some of you to try out the CC Cluster node:

The CC cluster call is:  KS4Q-1
The address is:  dx.ks4q.net:7373

The AR-Cluster call is:  KS4Q
The address is:  dx.ks4q.net

You may read about the software at:  http://www.bcdxc.org/ve7cc/ccc/cluster.htm

With CC Cluster it is now possible to set filters that work separately for each band.  If you want to set cluster filters that are unique to a contest, log-in with a unique SSID (e.g., KS4Q-25).  Later if you want to reuse these filters, simply log back in with the same SSID call.   Yes, it will take SSIDs over 15!  Another example may be those that don't want overseas dx spots on HF, but do want them on 6 & 2 meters.

Let me also mention that there is a "user" program that is available at the above site called "CC User/AR User" which has an automatic reconnect feature.  I know some of you already use this program.  It makes setting the spot filters in AR-Cluster and CC Cluster exceedingly easy!  This program is free and definitely does NOT have the quirks that Microsoft HyperTerminal/Telnet has.

If you want to get on the cluster email update list, send an email message to:  ks4q-cluster at zingleman.com with the word subscribe as the subject.


Ernie KS4Q

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