[SEDXC] Fw: MORE changes to the Wayne Mills Award

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 14 22:11:11 EDT 2006

I agree with Floyd on this.
Dave K4JRB

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Subject: MORE changes to the Wayne Mills Award

>    Membership Services Manager Wayne Mills, N7NG, informs: For a number
>    of years, it has been accepted practice to post DXpedition QSO informa-
>    tion on a DXpedition Web site. Although this information is generally
>    limited to callsign, band and mode, it has been useful in reducing the
>    number of duplicate contacts in the DXpedition log. Publishing complete
>    QSO information, or information from which full QSO information can be
>    derived, on the other hand, threatens the integrity of the QSLing
>    process, and is unacceptable. There must be some information that the
>    station claiming the QSO provides based solely on actually being there
>    when the QSO was made. If complete QSO information can be derived from
>    information based on the DXpedition log, the QSL manager's job can be
>    much more difficult if busted calls are involved. To help minimize
>    potential difficulties, therefore, the following restriction has been
>    approved by the Programs and Services Committee, and added to the DXCC
>    Accreditation Criteria, Section III.
>      "The presentation in any public forum of logs or other
>    of station operation showing details of station activity or other
>    information from which all essential QSO elements (time, date, band,
>    mode and callsign) for individual contacts can be derived creates a
>    question as to the integrity of the claimed QSOs with that station
>    during the period encompassed by the log. Presentation of such informa-
>    tion in any public forum by the station operator, operators or associ-
>    ated parties is not allowed and may be considered sufficient reason to
>    deny ARRL award credit for contacts with any station for which such
>    presentations have been made. Persistent violation of this provision
>    may result in disqualification from the DXCC program."

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