[SEDXC] Fwd: Comcast Subscriber Problems

Joe Subich, W4TV w4tv at subich.com
Tue Sep 12 09:50:32 EDT 2006


It doesn't require a list administrator cull the list for every 
comcast customer.  Each effected user can do it for himself. 
Go to: http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/, select the 
list and log in with the address to which your list mail is being 
sent.  Once logged in, the user can reset mail delivery or even 
change e-mail addresses.  

I started to "fix" the comcast.net addresses for the two lists 
that I handle (> 2,000 combined users).  After more than an 
hour I was less than half way through one of the lists, I gave 
up ... I did not have four hours to spend "cleaning up" for users 
with unreliable e-mail systems.  

For those who want alternate e-mail, check into QTH.com (KA9FOX's 
service).  He offers e-mail only hosting for $12.00 a year (200 
MB, five e-mail accounts, pop3/imap/smtp and web mail).  If you 
need a Domain Name, he offers domain name registration in .com, 
.net., .org, . us, .info or .biz for $9.95 per year. 


   ... Joe, W4TV 

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> Well, the list owner for RTTY is Jim Reisert ( spelling? ) and he says
> he doesn't have "time" to "weed" the list of subscribers just for
> Comcast customers.
> Which sounds pretty lame to me as the list owner must have some type
> of list which could be searched for Comcast customers. Comcast, either
> by design or inability, has not give me the correct email address of
> the guy in charge of the "blacklist".
> Don had to fix me with the SECC list, and someone did it for the
> Writelog is working OK as is Contest, but the threads on Contest are
> so weird I may just unsubscribe.
> Unsubscribing RTTY and then unsubscribing doesn't work. Oh yes, you
> get
> the email saying you are unsubscribed and then subscribed but Comcast
> is the block.
> Which is why I may just change DSL service before the week is over.
> Hopefully, BellSouth will be more reasonable.
> There is one workaround to this problem. Establish a .com with
> GoDaddy.com...about $8 a year, ie k4sb.com ( or .reg, ect ) and
> then link your email through that address. You still need Comcast to
> connect, but they have no say over the email. Same thing goes for any
> provider.
> Getting too damn old for this aggravation. Trying to figure out what
> State agency to complain to. PSC?
> 73
> Ed
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