[SEDXC] Sell Mark V - End of Summer Personal Hamfest

Don Nesbitt drnesbitt at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 20 16:27:34 EDT 2006

Yes, it's that time again when I continue down the "lets try one of 
everything - sometimes more than one" endless trail of radios!  Got to make 
room for the next rig(s).

Sell:  Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V - 200 Watt Version with FP-29 Power Supply - 
All in Pristine Condition - lightly used in a non-smoking environment.

Includes everything that came with it when new:  original cartons, manuals, 
accessroy plugs, hand mic, and whatever else is in that box.

Late production run that includes the Factory installed Key Click Mod.

Remote Control Keypad - FH-1

INRAD Roofing Filter Installed (yes, well worth it - if you have not done it 
yet, do it!), INRAD #709 2.1 kHz ssb filter and INRAD #708 250 Hz cw filter.

Offered first here to dues paying club members (yes, it pays to pay your 
dues!) at $1725.00 - NOT including shipping.  Yes, that is absolutely firm!

Price to non-dues paying club member (pay your dues, save some money!) or 
non-club members will be $1895.  Since one of our club goals is to increase 
membership, if you know someone who is not currently a member and they are 
looking for an outstanding radio, this would be a great inducement to have 
them join the club!

I'm also getting some other stuff together, perhaps including one of my 
K2's, but am not ready to list yet.  I know there is an MFJ Artificial 
Ground and an MFJ 1026 Noise-Canceling Filter as well as a brand new 
KENT-TWO Brass Dual Straight Key & Iambic Paddle Key (this is a beauty!) and 
some other stuff.  Stay tuned.

All questions cheerfully answered.  Please contact me off list via email or 
direct at 404.218.3595 cellular (quickest way to get me) or 404.875.0746 
home.  Thanks for the read.  73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH

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