[SEDXC] [SECC] Wind Load Ratings here in ATL

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Thu Sep 28 19:46:01 EDT 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 12:10 PM, JT Croteau wrote:

> When planning an antenna installation here in the Atlanta area, can I
> plan on a max. wind rating of 80/90 MPH?

What county are you in? I know Gwinnett county is 75 mph. I suspect  
most of Atlanta is, too, since we are more than 115 miles away from  
hurricane-susceptible coastline.

> I am looking at two different roof top towers with only a foot
> difference in height between the two but the load ratings are vastly
> different.  At 87 mph, the shorter one would almost match the antennas
> surface area but the foot taller one would be overkill big time.

Sounds like the short one will work with some safety margin.

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